21/1/2016 : ETUC Nego Working group on active ageing


2/2/2016 : ETUC Steering Committee


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February 2014

La CES condamne la proposition du gouvernement espagnol de démanteler le droit à l'avortement

February 2014

The ETUC condemns Spanish government proposal to dismantle the right to abortion

February 2014

Inclusion des normes sociales et environnementales dans la défense commerciale de l'UE - La CES salue une avancée importante promue par le Parlement européen

February 2014

La CES s'oppose à la Directive sur le détachement intragroupe : le détachement de travailleurs de pays tiers est inacceptable s'il n'est pas assorti de garanties leur assurant la pleine égalité de traitement

February 2014

ETUC welcomes Parliament's inclusion of social and environmental standards and stakeholder involvement in EU trade defence

La voix des retraités en Europe


Dear Visitor,

Dear reader,

On 11 September 2015, the FERPA Congress in Budapest elected me as its new General Secretary. This is a very important post to which I will bring both passion and determination.

FERPA is an organisation that represents around 10 million pensioners in 40 trade union organisations right across Europe.

Our Federation is a large, significant trade union which, like the European Trade Union Confederation to which we belong, constantly needs to make efforts to extend its own sphere of influence and step up its actions vis-à-vis the European institutions.

Europe already has a large number of older people, and this number is set to rise in the years to come. Today it is estimated that a quarter of Europe’s population are elderly, with that figure forecast to increase to three-quarters by 2030.

All these people need a strong trade union that knows how to defend their rights.

We must therefore establish close unity between all pensioners and doggedly attempt to boost the trade unions’ presence in every country, to represent the interests of these millions of people and fight those who seek to weaken the level of social protection and welfare in Europe and in all the EU Member States.

Our strategic aim is to achieve a better Europe for all its citizens, be they children, young people, adults or older persons.

We want a social Europe based on the universal rights of citizenship, dignity, democracy, liberty, social justice, employment and social dialogue between trade union representatives and institutions.

Representing pensioners and older persons entails actively tackling the problems that affect them directly. This means drawing the institutions’ attention to problems related to pension rights, welfare, dependency, active ageing and access to healthcare.

It also means focussing our efforts on older people and pensioners to ensure that they can be active stakeholders in our society.

Over my next few years in office as FERPA’s General Secretary I intend to focus my efforts on all these issues, as well as a number of others.

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Carla Cantone
General Secretary
November 2015

5 Boulevard du Roi Albert II
1210 Brussels (Belgium)

T : +3222240576
Fax : +3222240567
email :